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We mean business.
There’s definitely something different about AirMax Systems. We feel your pain. We understand your needs and we offer a state of the art, comprehensive Airline Management Solution. All the other airline reservation systems you might be looking at are either based on old, expensive and inflexible technology, or are run by software engineers who have no concept of the realities of the industry. When you work with AirMax Systems, you will meet industry veterans who care deeply about your success. Most of our team has direct experience in the airline business.
Where did it Begin?
AirMax Team decided they’d had enough hassle working with other “Reservation Systems”. They had the knowledge and the drive so he built his own system from the ground up. he built airmax systems for his own airline, but like any proud creator, showed it to other owner operators who wanted access too.
Want to know more?
Chances are good that you’ll get to talk to Martin Rivera because you will absolutely want to see a demo of our Airline Management Solution — it is wicked cool. Although we think that being cutting edge is just fun, there is a good business reason to choose our Internet architecture. It requires no deployment on servers you have to purchase, maintain, and troubleshoot.
Getting started with AirMax Systems.
After you see the demo, you’ll want to sign on right away and that’s when you’ll be introduced to the implementation team. The team will make sure to note all the request outside of all normal process as we know no two airline are alike. Customer service desk will be your go-to team for all training, implementation, and adventure. The team will take every customer through each step making sure you understand and get your questions answered. One of the go-team will fly out to your location to make sure the implementation process is done on-site with the actual staff and equipment. This way we make sure your training is not only personalized but fully functional.

AirMax Systems is always evolving.
We recognize that the industry needs to change, especially with an increasingly mobile interface. AirMax Systems Airline Management Solution is versatile enough to function on iPhones, iPads, PCs, Macs, and just about any other platform that can access the web.
AirMax Systems uses our team of developers to not only adapt to the changes as they come, but anticipate and change our technology for the next big thing.
Better Performance Through Intelligence
AirMAX System Flight Scheduler is a secure, web-based reservation and booking system for charter and scheduled airlines.
AirMAX has it all in one, neat package to help your Part 135 Charter or Part 121 Airline save money, keep track of its flight operations, and give the flying customer a smoother ride from point-to-point!Your agents can quickly book or change flights, adjust pricing records, and manage corporate and agency accounts while giving passengers and travel agents many options to reserve travel easily.