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What do we do?
aircraft charter

Operational Program

Connect and communicate to the rest of the organization without picking up the phone or sending emails

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Crew Resource Management

Airmax provides software to manage and communicate with your crew members and ensure compliance with regulations

airline reservation

Airline Reservation system

Airmax system provides web-based application for Airline reservation and booking system for charter and scheduled airlines and many more

Airmax system

Training Suite

Ensure that the training cycles are not missed crews or mechanics or ground support staff. Classes can be created on-line or in class.


Flight Operation System to any size airline

Our flight operations framework ideally addresses the operational and arranging needs of airlines and is a decision making framework facilitating effective recuperation from operational interruptions, assisting them with reacting to the quickly advancing worldwide aviation market with ideal security and effectiveness. Airmax Systems for the sake of effective and trans-digital business management of your airline, there is always a commitment to excellence from our side.

Airline Reservations System

Airline reservation system of modern times should be cloud based and needs to be precisely operational and then it should be user friendly as well or swiftly manageable. Maximizing revenue is easy when you seriously improve operational efficiency. Our web-based Airline Reservations System is the heart of the complete AirMax Systems airline management solution and has been designed to be easy for employees to learn and operate. The system allows scheduling, booking, reporting, customer management, and other functions.
crew resource management

Operations Management

Airmax system provides numerous software related to aviation management and operations, which encompasses the business aspects of the airline industry. Our software involved efficiently to manage overall operation management required in airline industry till from fleet planning, revenue management, crew resource management ,safety enforcement, airline reservation,employee hiring and marketing also adheres to federal safety regulations and many more.

Crew Resource Management

Crew Resource Management is simply the set of principles and guidelines which are concerned with managing the flight within an organized aviation framework and Control operating costs and improve the crew-working experience and communications. It will support all airlines regardless of their business model or market. Our solutions are designed to support your crew planning, Crew Training, Crew Bidding, and regulatory and union guidance. It will also improve productivity of schedulers performing crew scheduling and transportation management.
Better Performance Through Intelligence
AirMAX System Flight Scheduler is a secure, web-based reservation and booking system for charter and scheduled airlines.
AirMAX has it all in one, neat package to help your Part 135 Charter or Part 121 Airline save money, keep track of its flight operations, and give the flying customer a smoother ride from point-to-point. Your agents can quickly book or change flights, adjust pricing records, and manage corporate and agency accounts while giving passengers and travel agents many options to reserve travel easily.